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About Us

We provide high end high tech luxurious photo booth bundled with a genious app to viralize your events and showcase your brands through fun interactions with your guests. They do not just interact with your brand but endorse it thanks to the branded pictures, and become your best ambassadors when sharing on the social networks and display the printed copy home or at the office! Get your brand enter their personal space ,get your brand be
attached to an exclusive, personal memory !

How Does it work

Straight to the point What do you share? branded pictures of course, but also gifs, videos, loops, AR, instaprints, or any tailor made demands.

Make the buzz of your event last longer with Robograf: hundred of pictures printed and shared online will make your event echo among your target and resonate with likes, sharings, and the final cut video featuring most of the guests released exactly 24 hours after the event.

Broaden the reach of your event : maximize the audience of your event or commercial operation through your targets social networks.

Collect data : let your guests , your customers provide you their address emails and more details to qualify your database. Emailing and and analytics tools enables you to track their engagement and lets you generate reports to estimate the impact of the event. Guests will have access to Robograf platform to download, reprint one or all the pictures they like. They can even order online framed pictures, posters, polaroids, mugs and much more to be delivered home Event to store traffic : we print vouchers on the picture that allows you to track the commercial traffic generated by the event

Share beyond the event : we establish exclusive partnerships with local media brands on very specific targets, so you can make your event public on their own social network and make the reach skyrocket !

Gamification: we provide a contest option on the social networks to elect the most popular pictures of the event, you can even provide a gift for the winners